Cut and Polishing Kedron – What is Cut and polishing and does my car need it?

Cut and Polishing Kedron – What is Cut and polishing and does my car need it?

Cut and polishing is a paint rejuvenation procedure. Why might your car might be in need of that? The paintwork of your car is affected by many different factors such as UV rays, saltwater, pollution, bird and bat droppings, tree sap, bug splatter and various other contaminants. Over time, these (of course some cars more than other depending on vehicle housing and use) eventually start to leave their mark on the clear coating of your car’s paintwork leaving it looking hazy, dull, and oxidized. While regular washing and waxing of your car is a sure way to prevent this from happening, sometimes the only way to restore your paint to it’s once youthful appearance is by means of a good old fashioned cut and polish.

So what is a cut and polish, anyway?

Cutting, also referred to as compounding, basically refers to the product (cutting compound) applied to the paintwork using a hand held machine buffer which is the first step of the cut and polishing procedure. A cutting compound is a lightly abrasive paste that is available in various grain or grit sizes. It is most commonly used on Automotive paint work to smooth out oxidization, marring, hazing and light to medium scratches. Determining whether to use a heavy or light grade compound depends on the condition of the paint and the requirements of the job at hand. i.e For paint that has marring or faint surface scratches, a light grade compound should be used.

After the application of a compounding paste, it is necessary to apply a quality wax- sealer or polish. This adds a protective coating and makes the paintwork shine like new.

For optimum results, running a clay bar over the entire surface prior to applying the cutting compound is recommended. (Click here for more information on clay bar)





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