Q. How long would it usually take to get my car washed?
A. Depends on the wash package you select. eg. If you were to have only the exterior cleaned, it shouldn’t take any more than 15 mins. An Eco Deluxe *see menu* takes approximately 30 mins.

Q. I am interested in your slipstream product but I’m not quite sure what it is and what it does?
A. Slip Stream is a film forming process that cures as it dries on your vehicle. Slip Stream is Queensland made for Queensland conditions. It repels water, creates a high gloss shine and provides premium protection for paint, glass and chrome, making it a total vehicle surface protectant. Click here for more info: SlipStream30,SlipStream60, SlipStream365 (Ultimate)

Q. I am concerned because my car has a paint protection system in place. Will your products affect this in any way?
A. Slip Stream contains high grade Carnauba Wax. Slip Stream enhances & compliments new car & after market Paint protection.

ALL our products are water based and ph neutral and will not detriment your paint or negate your paint protection system in any way.

Q. I would like to have my car engine cleaned/blasted. Is this a service you can provide?
A. Unfortunately, this is a service we do not offer at this time.

Q. I need to have my seats/carpets cleaned. What can you recommend?
A. We have great success with our shampoo vacuuming system which is highly effective in cleaning food/drink spillage, rain water damp, dirt/sweat marks and various other spills and messes. This process usually takes anywhere from 30- 60 mins.


Q. I have some surface scratches/paint oxidization/sun screen/swirl marks on my vehicle. Do you cut & polish?
A.Yes, we do. You will need to bring your car in for us to give you an accurate quote. This is a two stage process and your car will be required for most of the day depending on the condition of your paint. We offer a wide range of polish and paint rejuvenation services, please bring your car and we’ll recommend the service that best suits your vehicles needs.


Q. My car has a strong smell of cigarettes. Are you able to remove it?
A. Cigarette smoke is difficult to remove as it not only gets in you’re a/c system, it also permeates the fabric of your upholstery.

A carpet/seat shampoo is one way to tackle this. Alternatively, you might wish to have your Air conditioner flushed with our anti bacterial air conditioning treatment which, as well as cleans your system, works to eliminate odours caused by mould, mildew, smoke, bacteria, algae & cigarette smoke.