Air conditioning Treatment Kedron

Did you know that in the hustle and bustle  of today’s modern era, it is estimated that the average     person spends approximately 45 minutes a day in their car? And, of course, for those of us whose daily commute leaves little choice but to face the arduous, bumper to bumper reality of peak hour traffic, it’s significantly more.

anti bacterial air conditioning treatment kedron, car wash kedron, eco blue car wash kedronSo, having considered the above, perhaps it’s time to consider the quality of the air that we drivers and our passengers are inhaling. After all, if one was asked to name two elements absolutely paramount to   human survival, arguably the most common response would be a clean water and air supply.

These days, Air conditioners and the comfort they afford us are considered by most people as a necessity- especially for those of us who live in the sunshine state that is Queensland. Where do we turn when, in the middle of summer, the humidity can be utterly debilitating?

The control panel of our beloved Air conditioners to feverishly press the down button. Also, six months later it’s equally useful as we need it to de-mist our foggy windscreens. But, as with all things, the more we put something to use, the more we are required to maintain and clean it, and this is especially true when it concerns the air we breathe.


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Benefits for Anti Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatments

Here are several slightly alarming facts that all of us will do well to bear in mind the next time the opportunity arises for us to have our air conditioner treated:

  • Research indicates that the air in your car is more harmful that that of your home or workplace.
  • Deleterious allergens reside and multiply inside the ventilation system of most cars.
  • Pollen, mold spores, and smog easily filter in to your car through the air conditioning and ventilation systems, rendering the air in the car up to six times dirtier than the air outside.
  • Every time you switch on the fan, injurious spores are circulated into the cabin.
  • Airborne particles such as vehicle exhaust fumes, various pollutants as well as green house gases are drawn in through your cars fresh air vent every time you go for a drive.


Health Benefits of Anti Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatments

Although there’s no miracle product that can eliminate all Bacteria, allergens, and microorganisms from the air in your car, running a clean air-conditioner helps to significantly reduce the amount that you inhale. We recommend you use our Air Care Anti bacterial Air conditioning Treatment Kedron as it performs the following:

  • Cleans the Air Conditioner evaporator and air ducts.
  • Eliminates harmful Bacteria that can grow in the Air Conditioner unit.
  • Eliminates any other contaminants in the A/C unit.
  • Kills odours and any unpleasant smells such as Cigarette smoke.


Air Care also provides a long lasting and clean air fragrance to your car.

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