Slipstream Nano Skin Kedron

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For the past 25 years, Slipstream has been keeping vehicles new by keeping them in tip top condition as great looking paint yields great resale value.

Today’s paint formulations have changed, and they are far better for the planet, but not as tough as they used to be. This is due to environmental regulations that don’t allow harder petroleum, lead-based paints, instead they are now softer water-based paints that are friendlier to the environment. The down side to that being today’s paints damage more easily. Slipstream has devised and formulated a new leading, paint protection product to protect the new paint systems found on your vehicle. Slipstreams ‘Nano skin paint protection’, as the name suggests, is the ultimate paint sealant, and is Australia’s best when it comes to car care technology. This innovative, sophisticated treatment, contains all the qualities of the standard paint sealant, and then goes that extra mile by providing even greater protection against environmental factors which can cause irreversible damage.

Let’s face it, first impressions count. Having ‘Slip Streams’ highly developed paint sealant applied to your vehicle will guarantee to lock in that original paint colour thereby eliminating any chance of fading and discolouration.

Slipstreams Nano Protection also ensures easier maintenance, easier colour-matching for touch ups, protection against ultraviolet rays, as well as protecting against factors such as etching, tree sap, bird and bat droppings, salt water, insect engravings, and other natural deposits that leave scarring and permanent damage; Road, pollution, dirt, exhaust pollution, brake and rail dust, and other airborne contaminants; combined with normal weather conditions that build up on the surface to become rough such as pitting, tar spots, and industrial fallout can react chemically to cause indentations in your paint.

Slip Stream’s ‘Nano Skin’ paint protection, is the ultimate paint sealant and Australia’s best when it comes to car care technology, and with a yearly application,¬†you can keep your vehicle looking great, guaranteed, with the piece of mind that your vehicle will look fantastic and have a better resale value.

Slip Stream’s ‘Nano Skin’. A wonderful investment, and surprisingly affordable.